Luder Plastic Incorporation/ Manufacture/Suppler/ Exporter/Importer

Luder Plastic is mainly a plastic injecting manufacture,since 1983, we produce large collection of plastic bonsai pots,flower pots and household plastic goods. We also offer and work with companies for OEM products. Our company is located in Tainan, Taiwan. The location is convenient for transportation. We always shipped clients' order daily and most of the time will arrived in the next business day in domestic. For exporting to other countries, normally you have to place order a month ahead in order to assure we produce the best quality, quantity, custom requirement and shipment.

The Core Value of Luder Plastic Co.,Ltd.

We started our business of produce household products. After two decades, we are still one of the leading industry of bonsai pots, flower pots and household products. We are proud that our quality does make our client trust. That is most important value and believe that carry our company through decades.

The Quality of our Plastic products

One of the best container to plant flowers or vegetable is plastic pots. They are durable, fair price, light weight and not breakable easily. If you planted from seed, you can see that your plant need to change pots time by time because they grow more than you imaging. Also, pot saucer is very helpful for preventing the dirt penetrate your floor or leave your floor a stain. Highly recommend you purchase both of them.

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